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The philosophy of Champagne-Asia has its foundations in passion and conviction, the passion for our fellow man to savour a fine wine at its very peak, and the conviction that this Wine of the Kings is alive and to be treated with the utmost of care.

We first began by bringing a unique selection of the highest quality Champagnes directly from the producer, and this continues to be our sole focus today.

Our company employs only premium transportation services for this precious liquid, with a journey that begins at the producer’s doorstep and ends at your table. This carefully planned journey ensures that each bottle of Champagne will only experience premium, Quality Accredited services. Further to this, we seek only fine restaurants and retailers to accomplish your joy and pleasure with our Champagne.

You may prefer drinking at the producer’s estate, your bottle of Champagne taken straight from the traditional underground caves, but no other will come as close to delivering the experience to you in Hong Kong and Asia.


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Champagne-Asia provides quality product and a professional service. Contact Jocelyn Yot to discuss your requirements (852) 6017 1973, info@champagne-asia.com

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